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Color Secrets: Eco-Friendly Custom Epoxy Resin Tables and Art, Preserving Trees and Promoting Sustainable Living

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eco-friendly craftsmanship meets timeless beauty

About Colors Secret

Welcome to Color Secrets, where creativity meets sustainability! At Color Secrets, we are passionate about crafting exquisite and unique custom-made pieces using epoxy resin, while championing an eco-friendly approach that prioritizes the preservation of our precious natural resources.

Our commitment to the environment drives us to explore innovative ways to bring beauty into your life without compromising the planet’s well-being. Instead of contributing to deforestation and cutting down trees, we have taken a different path. We choose to work with reclaimed or fallen trees that would otherwise go to waste, giving them a new life and purpose.

Join us on our journey to embrace nature’s gifts responsibly and to cherish the beauty of wood without harming a single living tree. Together, let’s build a more sustainable and greener future through every stroke of epoxy resin and every piece of art we create.

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Color Secrets: Respecting Nature, Crafting Sustainable Beauty!

Dining Table

Coffee Table


Ocean Art

Wall Panel


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Artistic Masterpieces

Choose Colors Secret for unmatched artistry and attention to detail, creating epoxy resin masterpieces that elevate your space.

Custom Creations

Personalize your vision with us, as we offer custom epoxy resin designs tailored to your unique style.

Vibrant and Durable

Enjoy a kaleidoscope of colors and lasting durability with our high-quality epoxy resin products.

Wide Range, Happy Customers

Explore our diverse offerings and join our satisfied customers who rave about our exceptional service and products.

our Works

Clock Design by Color Secrets

Welcome to Color Secrets, where we create special clocks that are kind to our planet! We use special materials that don’t hurt trees, making our clocks eco-friendly. Each clock is like a beautiful painting with unique colors and patterns, making them extra special just for you!

Our talented makers work carefully to ensure each clock is perfect and brings a smile to your face. By choosing our clocks, you become a hero for our planet, helping to keep it happy and green!

Let’s pick a Color Secrets clock for your room! Every tick of the clock reminds us of the magic of nature and how we can be kind to it. Embrace the enchanting world of Color Secrets’ eco-friendly clocks and make our planet a better place!

Ocean Arts by Color Secrets

Come and explore Color Secrets’ Ocean Art! We make amazing pictures of the beautiful sea and the creatures that live in it. Our art is kind to nature, just like how we love our planet.

With every stroke of our special brushes, we create magical colors and show you the wonders of the ocean. Each picture is unique, like a treasure from the sea.

When you pick Color Secrets’ Ocean Art, you help keep our oceans happy and safe for all the fish and animals that live there. It’s like being a superhero for the sea!

Hang our ocean pictures on your walls, and you’ll feel like you’re under the sea too! Let’s explore the colorful ocean world together with Color Secrets’ eco-friendly Ocean Art!

Dining Tables by Color Secrets

Color Secrets makes special dining tables for you! These tables are not just for eating yummy food; they are also friendly to our planet! We love trees, so we use special wood that doesn’t hurt them at all.

Each dining table we create is like a magical work of art! We mix pretty colors with the wood to make it look so unique and amazing, just for you! Our fantastic makers work really hard to make these tables perfect and strong for you to enjoy. When you have a Color Secrets dining table, you’re helping our planet be happy and green. It’s like being a superhero for nature!

So, let’s get a Color Secrets dining table for your home! You’ll have a special place to eat and be kind to our planet at the same time! Yay!

Coffee Table by Color Secrets

Color Secrets makes special coffee tables that are kind to nature! We use a magical material to make them, and we don’t harm trees. Each table is like a beautiful picture with different colors and patterns, just for you!

Our special makers work with love to make these tables perfect for you. They want you to be happy! When you choose our tables, you’re also helping the planet. You become a hero for Earth! How cool is that?

So, let’s pick a Color Secrets coffee table for your home! It will have pretty colors like magic. When you have your drinks or toys on it, you’ll feel happy and remember that you’re helping our planet too!

Legs by Color Secrets

Introducing Color Secrets’ Amazing Leg Tables: Nature’s Beauty with Love for the Earth!

Color Secrets has special leg tables that are both pretty and kind to the planet. Our tables are strong and look really nice. We use special materials that don’t hurt trees to make these tables. They are like magic tables that bring nature’s colors and patterns into your home.

Choosing our leg tables means you help the Earth be happy and healthy. Let’s pick a Color Secrets leg table for your room, and you’ll have a table that’s both beautiful and good for our planet!

Be part of the Color Secrets’ family and love the Earth with our amazing leg tables!

Wall Panel by Color Secrets

Color Secrets has magical wall panels that bring nature and art together! These panels are like beautiful pictures made with eco-friendly materials. We use special stuff that doesn’t harm nature, keeping the planet happy.

Each wall panel is super special, with different colors and patterns that make them look like a fairy tale. Our talented makers work with love to make them just for you.

When we put these panels on the walls, they make our rooms look amazing and full of wonder. It’s like bringing a bit of magic into our homes!

Let’s choose Color Secrets’ wall panels to make our walls look fantastic and keep nature smiling! With these special panels, our rooms will be like a beautiful forest of colors and happiness!

Customer Reviews

Santosh Prestige Groups

"Absolutely blown away by the stunning epoxy resin table I received from Colors Secret! The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the vibrant colors add a touch of elegance to my living room. Highly recommended!"

Rajiv Kessaku Apartments

"Colors Secret turned my design idea into a reality! The custom epoxy resin dining table they created for me is a true work of art, and it's now the centerpiece of every gathering at home."

Shams W.Pawel Sobha Apartments

"I ordered an epoxy resin clock from Colors Secret, and it arrived on time and in perfect condition. The intricate design and vibrant colors exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be coming back for more!"

Ananya R Brigade Apartments

"Colors Secret is a hidden gem in Bangalore! I purchased an epoxy resin coffee table, and it has become the envy of all my friends. The quality and attention to detail are exceptional, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase."

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